Ren Demolition takes care of your Concrete Step removal and demolition R.EN Demolition Floor Demoliton and Removal R.EN Demolition are trained in Asbestos 1,2,3 removal
R.EN Demolitions does Interior demolition for Comercial and Residentual R.EN Demolition Exterior Demolitions click here for more information on Exterior Demolition
R.EN Demolition your one stop trenching specialist. R.EN Demolition Speciality Demolition and Removal Garage tear-downs are REN’s Specialty. We can have your garage demolished and removed in a single day. If the concrete pad needs to go as well we can remove that, recycling the concrete and saving big money in the process..

When it comes to demolition, we are the experts Winnipeg can rely on! We have the expertise to complete partial, as well as full demolition projects. Whether you need demolition services in a private home or commercial/municipal building, we are here to help!.

Our highly trained demolition team has years of experience. No matter how big or small your project is- we make sure that the job is done perfectly and you’re satisfied with the result. Over the years, we have established quality business relationships with all our clients.

As a full-service demolition company for Winnipeg and surrounding areas Our team is not only skilled and experienced but also equipped with the best demolition tools to perform the job. We have a wide range of advanced demolition equipment and machines that are constantly examined to keep in tip-top shape and are replaced if required. Our staff is also engaged in constant training to keep up with the latest developments and utilize the most effective demolition methods. Our demolition services also include assessing the site and removing any hazardous materials such as asbestos. Our demolition services in Winnipeg, Selkirk, and surrounding areas include:

Office and Restaurant Demolition
Interior Demolition
Exterior Demolition
Concrete Cutting
Floor Grinding
And More!

Richard Neault

Susi Neault